A few decades ago, small meat processing plants were not hard to find. They provided a valuable service: harvesting and butchering livestock for local farmers and freezing/ storing the meat year round. Most people did not have in-home freezers, especially not the giant chest freezers available today, so the plant took care of the storage. This arrangement gave small plants the nickname, “lockers”. Often, the freezer in such facilities would have drawers that rolled out, with a lock and key, like a bank deposit box. A customer could show up and snag some meat from their drawer, or locker, periodically as needed. The meat locker was common until the late 80’s, and some of the few plants that have survived to the present day still have the word “locker” in their name. 

Like small butcher shops in cities, many of the meat lockers in rural America disappeared as the economy shifted to larger, more consolidated, and more efficient (aka less labor) production models (big box stores, factory farming, massive meat plants). This efficiency driven shift created cheaper goods, but left fewer and fewer jobs and therefore people and therefore small businesses in rural areas, and emptied many urban business districts of their food related store fronts. 

By running a regenerative farm, a butcher shop and restaurant, and a USDA plant, HPP has worked hard to bring these jobs and processes back to our rural community and create a special place here outside of Como, where we’ve farmed from 150 years. We offer excellent quality, grass fed and finished beef and pasture raised pork that we believe in and stand behind. While our thinking about farming represents a new approach, our methods and strategies harken back to a time when things were less consolidated, and we were closer to the sources of our food (in both proximity and familiarity). 

With all of that said, we'd like to offer our brand new freezer to you, our loyal customers! Let us be your locker! If you buy a whole hog or whole beef, we’ll store it and you can pick up in quarters whenever you like. There is a 20 dollar storage/load out fee per month per pallet (1 pallet holds a whole steer and whole hog share)l. We’ll handle the hassle of storage so you can have what you need on hand without buying a chest freezer or taking up all your freezer space!

Deal: Buy a whole hog or whole beef and we’ll be your old timey locker!


  • Only available for whole hog and whole beef orders. Half and Quarter animal shares must be picked up in entirety as the scheduled time.
  • Must request pickup one week in advance.
  • Must pick up in minimum increments of ¼ share- cannot pickup individual cuts from shares.
  • Your share is guaranteed, locked in, and under our care. You’ve paid for it and can pick it up in it’s entirety anytime, as long you give us a week’s notice for scheduling purposes.
  • You’re welcome to check out our freezer out while you’re here!
  • You will receive a confirmation email after ordering with more information on scheduling first pick up and arranging storage!

Lock in your premium meat supply for the year at an excellent price. We’ll handle the storage! Get started!






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