The Home Place "Mc Griddle" by John Jordan Proctor

The Home Place "Mc Griddle" by John Jordan Proctor
We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. For some that means falling behind on projects at work, missing a morning workout or forgetting to call a loved one on their birthday. For others, like Home Place employees John Jordan and Sam, it means a stress eating meltdown at the drive thru of McDonalds, and crushing a bag of “McGriddles” before work. Like we said, we're human! But with this month’s recipe we’ve found a way to never repeat those mistakes again! Introducing our take on a “McGriddle” that will leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride for supporting local, rather than the shame that can sometimes accompany fast food indulgences.


1lb Home Place Maple Blueberry Breakfast Sausage

Your Favorite Boxed Pancake Mix

Grade A Maple Syrup

Sliced American Cheese


Usually needed for box pancake mix:

1 Cup of Milk

2 eggs


1) Grab your favorite boxed pancake mix and make your pancakes. If you want to make pancakes by scratch, the James Beard recipe for pancakes that incorporates whipped egg whites into the batter is our favorite.

2) Grab a sheet pan and lay out the finished pancakes in a single layer and cover them with maple syrup. While the syrup is settling into the pancakes, prepare to cook the sausage.

3) Preheat a frying pan on medium heat while you form your patties. You are looking for thin and wide patties (~3inches) so that once cooked, they sit evenly on your sandwich. The idea is to cook the patties quickly so that the maple syrup in the pork does not render out too much!

4) After you have your patties ready, take a biscuit cutter (size is up to you, but make sure it matches the patties well) and cut out the centers of the pancakes to make the buns for your McGriddles.

5) Once your pan is hot, lay the patties in the pan and let cook on one side until you see the edges pull away from the pan. Flip the patty and finish cooking on the other side. Just before it is finished take your slice of American cheese and lay on top to melt.

6) Once the cheese is melted, slide the patties onto the pancake buns and drizzle with a little more maple syrup for good measure! If you'd like to add an egg we totally encourage it.

7) Sit back and enjoy your breakfast with a cup of coffee.


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