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The Boucherie: How COVID Rained On Our Parade

  This week it is only appropriate that we write about our beloved Boucherie, the peerless party we’ve crafted over 6 years in the hills of north Mississippi.  From an inside perspective, the Bou...

Have You No Meats Fresher Than This!?

  August 7th Today, I want to write about the tension between local, small-scale agriculture and consumer expectations.  As small-scale, animal focused farmers, HPP (and farms like ours) design p...

Wet Hot American Hog Farm

We got some great suggestions for topics to cover in the blog, and we plan to tackle them all.  This week we want to bring it back to the farm, which afterall, is why we’re doing all this.  We bu...

A Day in the Life of Home Place

It’s no secret that small business is hard, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s because we are committed—to our livestock, our community, our customers and our land. 

Keeping Our Farm Going During COVID

Times are challenging, but we’re managing through them with support from our awesome team and loyal customers. Above all, we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. 

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