We are committed to humanely raising our livestock.  What does this mean, besides a claim on a label? Our animals live their entire lives on pasture, uninhibited to express their natural behaviors.  Their days are spent in small groups, rooting and grazing.  

We have spent much time and consideration planning for their last day as well.  We operate our own USDA inspected slaughter and processing facility on our farm.  With much research, hard work, and design help from Dr. Temple Grandin, we built this facility so that our commitment to ethical treatment is never compromised.

The compassionate and ethical treatment of our animals is a key tenant of our mission at Home Place Pastures, and that is why last year we committed to pursue a certification recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program by the end of 2021 for all of our beef and pork. So far, our pork and beef programs and slaughter facility are fully Certified Humane. Our pork and beef programs are in the process of Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification, to be completed by the end of 2021!

Our Livestock

We are committed to the ethical treatment of our animals. From birth to slaughter we have researched and implemented strategies that limit stress, enhance natural behaviors, and ensure our animals can thrive in their environment.

Our Community

We hire locally, with most of our workforce living within a 10 mile radius of the farm. The producer program provides new market opportunities for surrounding farms, and brings more land into regenerative production practices. Our events bring people to Como from all over the country to celebrate the rich food and music culture of our Mississippi hill country community.

Our Land

We practice regenerative agriculture, by building biodiversity and nutrient rich soils. Focusing on the soil as the substrate of all life on the farm creates the framework for our farming decisions.