You may have noticed the 8 pack of Home Place Hotdogs you received in your December Monthly Box. Hotdogs in December?! 


Yes. Here’s why! 


The Caviar Dog


We pulled another recipe from our buddy Harrison Downing for this month and he delivered. 

The Caviar Dog is going to take a few special ingredients, but we can tell you it’s worth the trouble! Triple Cream soft cheese, paddlefish caviar and Home Place Hotdogs work together in perfect symmetry to deliver one truly special treat. Serve with some regular Lay’s potato chips and you will no doubt win the party over! 

Here’s the recipe! 

  • 8 Pack of Home Place Hotdogs
  • 8 pack of Brioche Hotdog Buns (top cut is preferred!) 
  • Paste of room temperature Brillat-Savarin Cheese ( You may substitute Boursalt, St. Andre or a regular cream cheese if you want to keep it simple!) 
  • Caviar (the chef prefers Kelly’s Katch Paddlefish Caviar) but any caviar you can get your hands on will do the trick! 
  • Spicy Brown Mustard 
  • Finely chopped Chives 



This is pretty straightforward. The method provided is here to aid you in assembling your Caviar Dogs all at once for a party. If you are only making a few, just use this as a helpful guide! 

  • Preheat oven to 350. 
  • Wrap all 8 of your buns in tin foil, and slide into the preheated oven to bake for 5-7 minutes or until warmed through to your liking. 
  • Cook the Hotdogs. We prefer to sear them in a hot skillet, taking care to turn them as often as needed until fully cooked, but feel free to cook them however you like! Once cooked, set them aside. 
  • Prepare the cheese. If you are using a triple cream cheese like the Brillat-Savarin, it may be easiest to cut the top off of the cheese and scoop it that way. The chef has suggested using a piping bag to properly pipe the cheese into the bun! If using regular cream cheese, just be sure the cheese is room temperature so it’s easy to apply! 
  • Once your buns are toasted, it’s time to put the hotdogs in. Once you’ve done that, carefully pipe the cheese down each side of the bun next to the hotdog. You want an even layer of cheese on each side of the hotdog! 
  • Next, spoon the mustard onto the hotdog. One spoonful on the front, one in the middle, and one on the back! You can use the picture provided to help! 
  • Next, drop a spoonful of caviar in the two spaces you created between the mustard. 
  • Finally, sprinkle on the desired amount of chives for garnish! 


Happy New Year, and thank you for the incredible support you have given us this year! 

See you in 2023,

The Home Place Team 



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