38g Breadcrumbs

50g finely chopped fresh, soft herbs

20g all purpose flour

1.5 eggs (do a split scoop with a spoon)

100g Bone Marrow


These dumplings pair best with your favorite soup or stew. So while you've got that simmering you'll want to be working on this recipe. 

Scoop out marrow from bones (unroasted), it easily doubles up if you have extra. 

Finely chop the marrow and mix with everything else, season with salt and white pepper. Pinch pieces off, about the size of a peach stone and roll into balls. Make your hands wet for this as the mix may be a bit sticky. Lay them all on parchment paper and chill. When your soup or stew is nearly ready, throw the dumplings in, let simmer until they float, then simmer for two more minutes.


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