Whole Beef


Choose between two options for your breakdown: The Home Chef! (more cuts and roasts), or The Hits! (less cuts, more ground beef). Breakdown for each described below. Each cut is individually portioned, labeled and sealed for your convenience. Click the link to each product to see the portion size of each cut included in your Whole Beef! 

The Home Chef! (more cuts and roasts): $2,999.00

- A total of 40# of “Braising Cuts” including Chuck Roasts, Brisket Roasts and Beef Osso Bucco 

- A total of 20# of “Roasting Cuts” including Beef Back Ribs, Tri Tip and Bottom Round Roasts

- A total of 23# of “Pan-Sear Steaks” including Denver, Flat Iron, Chuck Eye and Teres Major Steaks.

 -A total of 32# of “Center Cut Steaks” including: 16 Ribeyes, 12 New York Strips and 10 Filets. 

- A total of 10# of "Marinating Steaks" including Flank Steak, Bavette Steak, Skirt Steak, and Hanger Steak 

- A total of 17# of “Grilling Steaks” including Top Sirloin, Coulotte, and Top Round Steaks

- A total of 24# of “Bones, Fat and More” including Beef Back Fat, Beef Bones, Beef Tongue and Beef Liver.

- 100 lbs Grass Fed Ground Beef


Just The Hits (less cuts, more ground beef): $2999.00

- A total of 40# of “Braising Cuts” including Chuck Roasts, Brisket Roasts and Beef Osso Bucco 

- A total of 8# of “Roasting Cuts”  including Beef Back RibsTri Tip

- A total of 4# of “Pan-Sear Steaks” only including  Flat Iron Steaks

- A total of 32# of “Center Cut Steaks” including: 16 Ribeyes, 12 New York Strips and 10 Filets. 

- A total of 4.5# of “Marinating Steaks” including  Flank Steak, and Skirt Steak.

 - A total of 8# of “Grilling Steaks” only including Top Sirloin Steak

- A total of 12# of Beef Bones

- 160 lbs Grass Fed Ground Beef

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