Our subscription boxes offer selections of our products that you can choose from to build your own box. We have 3 different size options- as the boxes increase in price, you get more meat, more options to choose from, and you can select the same option more times. We ship these to your home at your chosen frequency (every month, every 60 days, every 90 days). 

The Whole Animal Shares are either pork or beef and come in ¼ share, ½ share, or whole. We have a couple of different options for each- you choose one breakdown and come pick it up! It's the best value for your buck, but you have to commit to a larger quantity and its pickup only!

1) The shares are pick up only, so we don’t have to add in shipping or packaging costs.

2) You are buying a larger quantity of meat so we can offer a price break based on volume.

3) Most importantly, you are helping us sell a whole animal, nose to tail, which is essential to making our farm and on-farm harvest and processing business model work. In return for our customer committing nose to tail, we offer the best price we can!

Yes! By joining our subscription program you get the most selection and unlock member benefits and specials. Here's a link to all the benefits of subscribing! You can shop our limited one-off bundles here.


This depends on the size box and selections you make, but you can get *16 to 27 individual meals from an Economy box for example. See key below. A good average/ rule of thumb is ½ lb (8oz) equal one meal serving size, although this varies depending on the type of cut. 

• *1 lb of ground meat = 3 meals (5.3 oz per serving)

• 10 to 12 oz steak = one meal

• 1 lb of a roast = 2 meals (8oz serving)

Once you’ve completed checkout, you will a receive a confirmation email with a link to “Manage my Subscription” Please log in here. From this easy to use portal you can set your specific renew date for your next box, change the frequency, change the product composition of your box, and skip a shipment if you’ll be out of town. Its super easy to use!

Once you’ve completed checkout, you will a receive a confirmation email with a link to “Manage my Subscription” Please log in here. From this easy to use portal you can set your specific renew date for your next box, change the frequency, change the product composition of your box, and skip a shipment if you’ll be out of town. Its super easy to use!

Add-ons are a one off purchase, just for your upcoming box. We feature different items and specials each month and seasonally- we will keep you updated via email before your next box ships so you can shop these. You can also log in to your account and change/ update these anytime. 

All of our meat is inspected and approved by an on-site USDA inspector. After inspection, each carcass is stamped with a blue food-grade ink. This is completely safe to eat, so rest assured!

We do not, but we recommend that customers elect to receive the economy box less frequently, say every other month, which equates to $65/ month. You select the frequency when you choose a box, and you change or update anytime by logging into your account. We need to ship at least the amount of meat in our smallest box to help us cover shipping and packaging costs without putting too much of this burden on our customers. Basically, the more we ship at a time, the more affordable it is for us and for you. Controlling the frequency of delivery is a great way to manage your monthly cost for this program!


Think of this as an insurance policy. The small fee gets put into a pool that we draw from at no additional cost to you to completely replace your shipment if our carrier loses it or the product arrives in suboptimal condition. A small portion of this pool goes to offset the carbon footprint of shipping.

We have a fulfillment goal of shipping product within 48 hours of time of purchase. Orders made on Friday Saturday Sunday may experience a slightly longer fulfillment window. You will receive shipping notification and tracking information when we ship your order.

Your package will arrive frozen or partially thawed and very cold to the touch. We ship all products frozen in insulated, recyclable packaging using dry ice.

Yes. Dry ice sublimates over time, so if your box arrives without any visible dry ice, rest assured it has done its job. Your meat should be frozen or thawed but very cold to the touch. Contact us if you are concerned about the product temp.

If your meat arrives thawed, it should be very cold to the touch, similar to products from your refrigerator. It is safe to refreeze or put in the fridge.

We flash freeze all of our products as soon as they are butchered and packaged in our USDA inspected processing facility. We have found that this is the best way to lock in the highest quality and freshness and ensure safety while the product is in transit to your home.

We recommend consuming bone in products within 7 days of thawing, and boneless products and ground products within 14 days in the fridge.

If seal remains intact, products remain safe to eat in the freezer for up to 2 years, although some decline in quality can occur after 1 year. If seal is broken, “freezer burn” can affect quality within a couple of weeks.


No. Here is our blog post about this topic!

Yes. Our cattle never receive corn, soy, or grain byproducts for their entire lifespan.

While we do not use herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, we are not certified organic. This is mostly because of the exorbitant cost and regulatory burden on us and network of small family farms. We have also found that this claim has largely been assumed by huge brands in industrial production, where animals are still confined and fed corn. Our beef, pork, and eggs, are Certified Humane and No Antibiotics Ever. Our beef is certified grass fed and our pork is certified pasture raised.

No. Never. We run a “No Antibiotics Ever” program.

Regenerative agriculture is style of farming that focuses on soil health by managing a farm like an ecosystem, with multiple species of livestock working together to emulate a natural environment and create abundance. Regenerative farms BUILD soil health, SEQUESTER greenhouse gases in the soil, ENHANCE watershed health and water infiltration, and INCREASE biodiversity. Here is a link for more information.

Right here in the middle of our farm in Como, MS. We are only of the only meat producers in the country that has a USDA inspected processing facility on the same land where our livestock is raised and finished. It's a very challenging, very special part of our program, and it means that you know 100% where your meat is coming from and who is responsible for getting it there!

Go to your producers page for more information!


Here’s a link to our Farm Store page. The hours are also displayed below in the footer.