Half Beef Share


Price includes Shipping! Financing Available Through Shop Pay!

Every 3 months for one year you will receive a shipment to your home of 1/4 of the described cuts and quantities, for a total of 4 shipments. If you'd like to adjust the frequency, please email us at info@homeplacepastures.com.

Your first box will ship within 5 days of placing the order. This way, you can enjoy a beef share without having to store it all, and your up front investment helps our small farm continue growing and providing top quality, ethical, and environmentally regenerative meat for our community.

  • 4 Packs of Short Ribs (8# total)
  • 4 Brisket Roasts (10# total) 
  • 4 Chuck Roasts (12# total) 
  • 4 Flank Steaks 10oz (2.5# total)
  • 8 Packs Lean Stew Meat (8# total) 
  • 4 Sirloin Steaks 16oz (4# total) 
  • 8 Filet Mignon 6oz (3# total) 
  • 8 New York Strip 12oz (6# total) 
  • 8 Ribeye Steak 16 oz (8# total) 
  • 80 Packs of Ground Beef (80# total) 
  • 4 Packs of Soup Bones 3lb (12# total) 

To summarize: You will be charged the full price up front (unless using Shop Pay), and we will ship you 1/4 of the cuts listed about every 3 months for one year (4 shipments total). If you want your next package sooner, just email us and let us know! 


Q: Will this fit in my normal freezer?
A: Yes, each shipment is designed to fit in your freezer without the need to purchase a deep freeze.

Q: Can I customize/ change the cuts listed?
A: You have made an investment in us, so we will work to accommodate your requests as much as possible, including subbing certain cuts and adding organ meats/ bones/ odd cuts. Just message us when you place the order or email info@homeplacepastures.com

Q: How will the meat arrive?
A: Frozen and individually vacuum sealed. Shipped with dry ice and gel packs

Q: How long will the meat keep?
A: 10 days to 2 weeks in the fridge, and over a year in the freezer.

Q: If I want my next box sooner than every 3 months, can you do that?
A: Yep! Its your share and we'll ship when you're ready, just email us at info@homeplacepastures.com

Q: Do you process the beef all at once and then freeze it all for each shipment? Will my last shipment be frozen for several months?
A: No. We designed the share program to represent a half beef share, and each shipment will come from recently butchered inventory! This program is designed to help us with an upfront investment, and help you with convenient storage, product handling, affordability, and financing options through shop pay!

Q: Is your beef grass fed?
A: You bet your grass it is! We are also Certified Humane, No Antibiotics Ever, and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 4 Certified!