Hog farms have all but disappeared from Mississippi, and though there are dedicated farmers raising lamb and beef, most sell their weaned calves or lambs at auction each year. From there, the animals often end up in feedlots and huge commodity meat packing plants. We believe that by emphasizing land and animal stewardship, we can create a market for sustainably raised and finished animals.  We can save our animals from the fate of feedlots, put more money in our farmers’ pockets, and stimulate our rural economy by growing and selling our food in Como. We believe that a less centralized, more localized food system can have sweeping economic benefits for the rural south, where our agricultural resources and food culture are so precious and powerful. We share this vision with many talented farmers and entrepreneurs across the South, and we draw inspiration from these folks everyday. 

Collectively, we prove that the South can produce more of its own food at home, and create jobs and economic prosperity in the process. Our producer program is an important part of this vision. We have a select number of small local farmers who raise hogs, lambs, and beef for us. In exchange for following the same strict set of sustainable and humane production standards we use here on the Home Place, we offer these farmers a guaranteed market and a premium price for their livestock. Working with these farmers to develop these programs and supporting their operations through ours provides a daily source of pride and pleasure for our team here at the Home Place.

If you are interested in producing for us, or if you have more questions about our producer program, please contact Marshall at Marshall@homeplacepastures.com.

Share the wealth

Our producer program allows us to support other farms in our area, making it possible for many people to benefit off of one distribution system.

Helps carry the load

With so many hungry customers out there it's nice to have partner farms that we can work with to help fill orders on the busy weeks.

More Certified humane farms

Perhaps the best perk of our program is that we're slowly helping other operations transition to a more humane way of farming.