The Team

Marshall Bartlett, President and Co-founder: From a very early age, Marshall spent his summers working for his father raising cattle and cotton on the Home Place.  In high school, at the Mississippi School for Math and Science, he began studying and practicing sustainable farming techniques both at school and on the Home Place, and founded that school’s first organic vegetable garden.  Marshall then headed north to Dartmouth College to earn his bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, during which time he also completed a formative internship at the Virgin Island Sustainable Farm Institute in St. Croix, USVI.  After college, Marshall spent a brief stint in Montana, and then returned south to New Orleans, where he completed an Americorps service term leading volunteers to rebuild Katrina victims’ homes.  He then worked as the chief of operations for a small business that specialized in custom butchering and marketing pasture raised meats to chefs across the Crescent City.  In 2013, Marshall made the (difficult) decision to leave New Orleans and return to Como and pursue his dream of pasture raising animals on the Home Place.  

Jemison Bartlett, MBA, Chief Financial Officer: Jemison is co-founder of Home Place Pastures and shares Marshall’s upbringing and work history on the Bartlett family farm. Jemison has always had a mind for business and is excited about taking an innovative approach to utilizing the assets of the family farm to produce value added, non-commoditized, products. After receiving his BA in economics from the University of the South, Jemison worked as a  research analyst for three years for Cambridge Associates, a financial consulting firm in Washington, D.C. He then returned to his agricultural roots by attending business school at Texas A&M University, where he studied agricultural finance. After working as a buyer for a global agricultural company in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jemison moved to Charlotte to transition back into the financial sector. Jemison is currently working for an agricultural investment bank specializing in lending to farmers and ag start-ups. Jemison adds business, finance, and management experience to HP and handles the monetary side of operations.  He currently lives in Charlotte with his wife, Elizabeth, and their new baby boy,   Arthur Jemison Bartlett.  

Mike Bartlett, Mentor: Mike Bartlett, the co-founder’s father, has farmed the Home Place for over 45 years, and operates the Como Consolidated Cotton Gin. He not only brings a lifetime of agricultural experience to the table, but also engineering and mechanical expertise.  He is an occasionally patient, always supportive, and admired figure who acts as an all knowing mentor to his sons and family. Nicknamed the “mad scientist” for his engineering feats at our local cotton gin, Mike is an invaluable asset of knowledge to his sons, who everyday set about the impossible task of impressing him.  Among his extensive list of accomplishments is designing and constructing the Bartlett family home, the Home Place abattoir/ processing facility, and basically every other structure on the farm.  

Meg Bartlett, Spiritual Leader: Without the TLC and artistic direction of our sweet Momma, we’d all be lost.  Meg holds the family together, networks, cheerleads, and cuts out more newspaper articles than anyone on earth.  She is a voice of reason, taste, and decency, and keeps everyone, including the pigs, informed, well mannered, and organized.

May Leinhart, MA, Research Consultant: The oldest of the Bartlett children, May mediates, counsels, and offers grant writing assistance and research support.   She frequently visits from Greenville, South Carolina where she lives with her husband, Dr. James Leinhart, and their two children Cate Speed and Owen.

Andy Stubblefield, Chief of Operations:  Andy grew up in Memphis, Tn and received his BA in economics from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  He was the first employee to join the Home Place team, way back in October 2014, and has been invaluable to every part of the business ever since.  In addition to keeping hundreds of pigs, cattle, and sheep healthy, well-fed, and happy, Andy also helps with marketing, butchering, and delivering our pork.  His job requires a varied skill set including excellent interpersonal and inter-species skills.  Using these skills, he transitions seamlessly from working hogs to working customers.  We are very grateful to have him.

John Jordan Proctor, Chief of Marketing: John Jordan grew up farming with his dad on family land in the delta near Greenville, Ms.  For college, he headed up to the hills to attend the University of Mississippi.  It was during his time at Ole Miss that Home Place was lucky enough to scoop him up as a summer intern through the environmental studies program.  After earning his degree in English and Environmental Studies, John Jordan decided to officially join the Home Place team, much to our delight.  In addition to helping out on the farm, John Jordan manages all sales and deliveries.  This position involves dealing with over 70 cantankerous chefs from Memphis to New Orleans, which he does each week with a smile that seems impossible to erase.   Another well-rounded and invaluable addition to our team, John Jordan will be happy to discuss sustainable meat,  Faulkner, or the Lomax field recordings with you, depending on your needs.  He resides in Oxford, Ms with his dog and unofficial farm mascot, Miss Betty.  

John Tenney, Head of Production:  John Tenney grew up in Bay St. Louis, Ms and attended high school at the Mississippi School for Math and Science in Columbus, Ms, where he met and became fast friends with Marshall.  John attended Mississippi State University and partnered with Marshall on numerous sustainable ag projects throughout highschool and college.  After earning his degree in Anthropology, John moved to New Orleans and then Birmingham, honing his butcher and charcuterie skills in both places before finally moving to Oxford, Ms with his fiancee to run the Home Place processing facility.  John oversees all butchering and processing, and designed our HACCP plans and food safety policies.  He deals directly with our USDA inspectors each day, and manages the butcher crew, in addition to creating our value added products and recipes.  An extremely passionate, knowledgeable, and busy individual, John humbles us all with his dedication to quality and his purist’s approach to butchering and curing meat.  

Josh Heller, Farm Manager:  Josh came to Mississippi from way up in Thomaston, CT, where he was born and raised.  After receiving his CDL and quickly  moving up the ranks as an employee of a well drilling company, he had to make the difficult decision to move to Mississippi to help his Mom run their family farm in Sardis, just south of Como.  Josh was quickly hired as a welder/ construction foreman for a local contractor, and met Marshall while doing a job on the Home Place.  Shortly thereafter, Marshall offered him a job as the Home Place farm manager.  Thankfully, he took the job, and the farm has never looked better.  Josh is endlessly skilled and tireless worker dedicated to health and well-being of our many herds and flocks.  He works with the MSU vet school, leading tours for their students once a month around the farm, and researching nutrition, grazing, and improved husbandry techniques for our animals.  You can smell him before you see him, but his constant smile and lude sense of humor compensate for the farm odors on his boots

The Butcher Crew

The Home Place is fortunate to have an excellent butcher crew.  Ricky, Lance, and Julio all live within a few miles of the plant, and since joining us, have steadily honed their butcher skills and helped us develop our product flow and organization in the plant.  Everyday these guys are here ready to learn and improve our process, and under John Tenney’s leadership, they have developed an impressive skill set and production program.  They are also the official plant dj’s, selecting the tunes that keep us calm and focused throughout the week.  

Alison Schreuder, Sales and CSA Orchestrator, 

Hailing from the great town of Kalamazoo Michigan, Alison knew she was destined for a life of selling meat. She attended Michigan State University, majoring in Community Relations, and after not really knowing what she was supposed to do with a major like that, she moved to New Orleans. By a stroke of fate, Alison ran into Marshall and John Jordan at a boucherie in Grand Coteau, and the rest is history. She now spends her days working out of coffee shops, chatting with chefs & finding more accounts that will buy brisket. It really is a dream come true.

Gertrude Swine, Artist in Residence