The Breakfast Bundle (shipping included)


The Breakfast Bundle (shipping included)


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Is something special missing from your morning routine? We have a fix for you breakfast lovers, a pack for early early risers everywhere.


4 lbs breakfast sausage
4 lbsbacon
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Our dry sugar cured, pecan smoked bacon takes a couple weeks to make, but boy is it worth it!  Serve up with our delicious breakfast sausage and win the hearts of family and friends at every breakfast occasion.


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Home Place cures, mixes, and smokes all of its value- added products right here on the farm in our own federally inspected facility.  We exclusively use our pork, hand butchered from whole carcasses as the source material for these products.  We never under any circumstances use boxed meat from outside sources.  That way you know its good, wholesome, Home Place product straight from our pastures to your home.



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