Cured and Smoked Smorgasbord (shipping included)


Cured and Smoked Smorgasbord (shipping included)


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3 packs bacon
3 packs bacon ends
3 packs andouille sausage
3 packs jalapeño cheese
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Call it a workin man’s charcuterie selection, our bacon, bacon ends, andouille, and jalapeño cheese sausage represent the best of our cured and smoked products.  An exquisite  smattering of products we’re most proud of, this package deal makes a perfect gift or addition to your culinary arsenal for holiday entertainment!



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Description :
Home Place cures, mixes, and smokes all of its value- added products right here on the farm in our own federally inspected facility.  We exclusively use our pork, hand butchered from whole carcasses as the source material for these products.  We never under any circumstances use boxed meat from outside sources.  That way you know its good, wholesome, Home Place product straight from our pastures to your home.
Product shipping frozen on dry ice- will arrive frozen or very cold to the touch.


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