meat processing facility



Home Place is one of very few farms in the entire Southeast with an on-farm, USDA inspected processing facility. We began construction of this facility in 2014, and started processing under inspection in October 2016.   We plan to add the slaughter component in summer 2017*. The Bartlett family designed and carried out almost all of the construction, and have poured their passion and energy into this special facility every step of the way. They understood that building a facility like this means that their animals would not have to be loaded and driven hundreds of miles to be slaughtered and processed. They realized that control of the slaughter and processing is the only way to ensure the highest standards of humane treatment and product safety are always carried out. With determination and confidence is these convictions, the family made the sizeable investment (and risk!) to bring this facility from dream to reality.

Sitting high on a hill overlooking a grove of trees the fifth generation’s grandmother, Maybelle Bartlett, planted, the facility is not your typical meat plant. It’s on the historic site of the original farm house, which was built in 1871, and is surrounded by lush pastures full of happy grazers. The approach to the facility crosses a pond levee, where cypress and cedar trees planted by Mike Bartlett in his younger years form an enchanting tree tunnel. Our offices and retail store are housed in this facility, and it is truly the heart and soul of our operation. Please come visit us!

In addition to butchering our own animals, we offer USDA and custom processing for the public, though our capacity is somewhat limited because of our own rapidly growing business takes up most of butchering, packaging, and storing capacity.

We offer USDA labeling with your farm’s logo. All of our cuts are vacuum sealed and stored fresh or frozen for pick-up. Though we have a limited capacity, we are expanding our facilities to accommodate more processing.


Please call us or email to learn more and schedule your processing date: 662-426-6067 or



*We currently take our animals to a USDA inspected slaughter facility about 70 miles from our farm.