Home Place Beef



The Bartlett family has raised cattle on the Home Place for almost 150 years. Marshall and Jemison’s grandfather, Don Bartlett was president of the National Beef Council, and specialized in prize winning polled herefords in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Mike Bartlett raised beef master and angus cattle, and Marshall and Jemison grew up working these breeds for their dad.

Now, working with top notch cattle ranchers right here in Como, the Home Place specializes in angus and charolais steers, selected for excellent performance on pasture and marbling. Please check our producer program for more info on our genetics and cow calf sources. We rotationally graze our steers in a system of pasture paddocks, and give them a daily ration of non-gmo corn we raise for them on the farm to ensure adequate nutrition, and to have a consistently marbled carcass year round for our chefs and restaurants.

Our steers are never confined in a feedlot, and alway have access to fresh pasture and hay in addition to their grain ration. They have free choice to roam, graze, or cool off in the shade or a pasture pond.

We finish our steers around 1300 lbs, usually around 24 months old, and process them by hand right here on the farm in our USDA inspected facility.